Why Did I Write a Children’s Book?

Some of my favorite memories of growing up include storytime.  Listening to my mother’s soothing voice as she read to me at bedtime was always a balm to my soul.  Whatever ups and downs had occurred that day, I could count on this special time to:

  • Lift my spirits
  • Settle my mind
  • Give me some fun adventures to think about (other than my own)!

The one-on-one time with Mom was also precious beyond belief.  Even if some of my younger siblings were present, storytime always felt like 1-on-1.  Her comforting voice seemed to be intended for me alone.

Thanks in large part to my mother’s early influence, I became an avid reader.  I generally love fiction over non-fiction, but I read them both.  Every book seems like a gateway to a new world to me.  As a reader, I’ve traveled the world and seen (and felt) many wonders as well as many other points of view.

When I began my own Journey of Motherhood, I couldn’t wait to begin reading to my children.  I still have my oldest son’s first board book.  It is battered, torn and tooth-marked.  It is definitely well loved! Now that I am a Mimi, I adore reading to my grandchildren.

As I began looking for a creative outlet in my life – something that would help me to experience life in a new way and to make a difference for Mothers and Children around the world – I came to an item on my Bucket List: Become a Children’s Book Author.

When is the Book Launch?

My new children’s eBook, Sissie the Truck-Driving Dog, will be available on Monday, June 22nd, 2020, for UNDER $1.00!

That is my special Launch Pricing – and my goal is to get my eBook into as many hands as possible ON THAT DAY!

  • Goal #1 = 100+ Purchases & Downloads
  • Goal #2 = 100+ Reviews on Amazon
  • Goal #3 = Reach Best-selling Ranking

Join My Launch Team

Team – I can’t do this without YOUR help!

Together, we can really make a difference.  We can promote storytime between parents and youngsters and we can get a new, fun children’s story into the hands of children around the world.

I will be posting a link HERE ON MY BLOG for you to purchase and download the book

on June 22nd.

Action Steps

Here are 3 Action Steps you can take right now:

  1. Set a reminder on your phone NOW to purchase and download the eBook on June 22nd for LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR! Then, please leave an honest Amazon review as soon as you are able.
  2. Consider purchasing a second copy of this eBook at the special Launch price in order to bless someone else you know and love.
  3. Share the good news on social media and with your friends & family (especially while the eBook is priced so LOW).