I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the original Sissie. We adopted her in 2010 from the Humane Society after A LOT of begging from my children.  In fact, I had been subjected for years to letters and persuasive essays from my children about WHY they should be allowed to have a dog.

(Perhaps writing runs in the family?)

I had been a kid once, myself, and I knew the excitement of wanting a dog.  I also knew that the novelty would wear off after about 2 months and that the brunt of the dog’s care would then fall to me.

I had to wait until my children were at a stage where I knew I could take on the added responsibility.  LOL!

Finally, the day came when we went to investigate the dogs that were available at the Humane Society.  We wisely spoke with Debbie, the person who supervised the canine care there, because she knew the personality of each dog.

We needed a calm dog.  He or she needed to be a real sweetheart.

Debbie narrowed it down to two dogs for us:  Sissie and Sugar.  Sissie was a small mini pin and Sugar was a large golden lab.  We played individually with the two dogs in their small dog yard and loved them both.  Then we went home to think and ponder about the decision, and to talk it over with my husband (who hadn’t been able to join us on the initial visit).

The next morning, I called Debbie with a few follow-up questions.  She said, “I can make it real easy for you.  Sugar was just adopted this morning.”

Some of my kids who had been firmly in “Camp Sugar” were extremely disappointed, but I felt strongly that it was for the best.  She had been adopted by an older couple who lived on a farm and wanted a dog to play with their visiting grandchildren.  It sounded like an ideal situation for Sugar.

Our yard was not that large and it was not fenced.  A smaller, inside dog would suit us better.

That is how we came to adopt Sissie.

The author and some of her family members enjoying time with Sissie

Can Sissie Drive Trucks?

We all fell in love with Sissie right away, as she was, indeed, a sweetheart.  My youngest son – six years old at the time – became her biggest fan.  Nearly every picture he drew, at home and at school, included a picture of Sissie.

For some reason, he also got the notion in his head that Sissie could drive trucks.  Whenever we passed a big truck on Main Street, Peter would say, “I wonder if Sissie is driving that truck….”

As we drove around town, we started to make up stories about Sissie and her many truck-driving adventures.

That is how the idea for my Children’s Book Series was born.  It has taken many years for the series to get down on paper, but that is all changing now.  The real Sissie passed away last summer, so these eBooks are a way to lovingly preserve her memory.

Now – you can be a part of bringing the Sissie Books to life!

Join My Launch Team

Team – I can’t do this without YOUR help!

Together, we can really make a difference.  We can promote storytime between parents and youngsters and we can get a new, fun children’s story into the hands of children around the world.

I will be posting a link HERE ON MY BLOG for you to purchase and download the book on June 22nd.

When is the Book Launch?

My new children’s eBook, Sissie the Truck-Driving Dog, will be available on Monday, June 22nd, 2020, for UNDER $1.00!

That is my special Launch Pricing – and my goal is to get my eBook into as many hands as possible ON THAT DAY!

  • Goal #1 = 100+ Purchases & Downloads
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 Special Bonuses

As a special bonus for those who purchase this eBook, you will get instructions for receiving an audio version of this charming story.  It is read by my son, who inherited his dad’s “radio announcer” voice.  You will love hearing this story read to you as much as you’ll love reading it out loud yourself.  (Details for getting this bonus will be inside the book.)

Additionally, this fun story will soon be available in a multitude of languages.  Email me or private message me if you want details on obtaining a copy other than in English.  Here are the languages that are in the works:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Norwegian

Action Steps

Here are 3 Action Steps you can take right now:

  1. Set a reminder on your phone NOW to purchase and download the eBook on June 22nd for LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR! Then, please leave an honest Amazon Review as soon as you are able.
  2. Consider purchasing a second copy of this eBook at the special Launch price in order to bless someone else you know and love.
  3. Share the good news on social media and with your friends & family (especially while the eBook is priced so LOW).