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RESOURCE GUIDE: My Top 12 Ninja Necessities for Making it EASIER, LESS EXPENSIVE and MORE FUN to Be a Stay-at-Home/Work-at-Home Mom! – FREE!

A list of 12+ of my favorite tools-of-the-trade that help to make Motherhood a whole lot easier. I use (or have used) every one of these, and they’ve been total game-changers for me. They saved my bacon, and got me through those challenging years when all the kids were small and everyone & everything depended on MOM!

  • Discover the tools that will help you conquer some of your most demanding tasks
  • Find out WHY I swear by these tools
  • Learn where to get them easily, and for the best price

Quick & Tasty Snacks & Lunches for Kids – $3.99

Growing kids are almost always hungry! These snack and lunch ideas will help you fill their little tummies with food that you can feel good about. Pick a few new ideas to try out each week.

  • Get 10 great lunchbox ideas, including new twists on the classic sandwich
  • Learn 10 fun snack ideas that will tickle your kids’ taste buds
  • Stop feeling bored with fixing the “same old, same old,” and enjoy some new snacks and lunches with your family!

Parenting Guidebook: Six Tips for the First Six Months – $4.99

Getting through the first 6 months of your baby’s life can often be an exercise in endurance and lack of sleep! Sometimes just reading a few tips from someone who’s “been there, done that” can make all the difference.

  • Learn 6 simple tips that can ease your mind and help save your sanity
  • Increase your confidence as a new parent
  • Gain strategies for planning, bonding and accepting help during parenting

Healthimom’s Kickstart Cookbook (Meal Plan) and Shopping List – $9.95

Some weeks are busier than others, and during those SUPER busy ones … you need to be able to pull out a secret weapon or two. This meal plan is one of those “weapons” you will turn to again and again. It’s so good, I use it for my Healthimom Bootcamp!

  • Get 10 days’ worth of quick-to-put-together Dinner recipes that will help you sail through your busiest and most stressful times
  • Receive a pre-made Shopping List for all the meals, so that grocery shopping is a breeze
  • Also included are some quick ideas for Breakfasts and Lunches

Special Report: 7 Secrets to Streamline Your Day and Find More Time – $9.99

If there’s one thing that every Mom needs more of, it’s TIME! Sometimes, just implementing a few simple secrets and strategies can make a real difference in your week. This is a compilation of 7 of my best secrets that have served me well as I’ve raised my 6 kids.

  • Learn about my favorite time-saving kitchen appliance, and the secrets for using it like a NINJA!
  • Gain an extra hour in your day and an extra measure of peace by implementing these tips
  • Read about my Bonus Tip (Tip #8) that saved my sanity back in the day when my twins were small!

Healthimom’s Cookbook: A Recipe Bonanza of Tried-and-True Favorites – $14.99

Several years ago, some friends begged me to compile a list of my favorite recipes and share it with them. When they needed a new dessert for a bake sale, or a quick salad or side dish to take to a potluck, they wanted to turn to one of my recipes. This Cookbook is the result of that project. Most of the recipes are easy and/or healthy, … but there are a few “special treats” in there, too!

  • Get recipes that are family approved, and don’t require a lot of time or special ingredients
  • Find recipes that you can turn to again and again, giving you fresh ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Add recipes to your repertoire in 9 different categories – with 5 recipes in each category!

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