We are in a challenging time right now, aren’t we? 

Even if we weren’t stay-at-home Moms before, we are now.  And even if we had never home-schooled before … we suddenly found ourselves doing that, too!

Are you ready to say goodbye to some of the chaos, clutter and confusion of the past few months?

Do you need a lifeline?

I am excited to tell you about my Healthimom Kickstart Bootcamp! It is your ticket to the new Mom life you’ve always dreamed of — one where you feel more calm and in control.  The one that can happen, even when you’re in quarantine and practicing social distancing from the outside world.

This awesome Bootcamp will run for two weeks, Monday through Friday, with weekends off.  Most of the Action Steps in the Bootcamp will take you about an hour to complete.  We will walk you through:

✅ STRATEGIES for overcoming some of the biggest challenges facing moms at home:
          * Cooking Meals  (Including delicious, time-saving dinner recipes for 10 days,
  plus ideas for breakfasts and lunches – a $9.95 value right there!)
          * Tackling Laundry and Dishes
          * Dealing with Household Clutter
          * Finding some EXTRA TIME in the day for critical me time

✅ How to become a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU

✅ Ways to discover your FALSE BELIEFS about MONEY, and how to overcome them
          * (Including the ONE THING you should NEVER say to your kids, and what to
   say INSTEAD.)


The Bootcamp is normally priced at $67. 

Because I know that this is an extremely challenging time for Moms, I’m offering you a coupon code for $57 off.

That’s right!  For the time being, you can sign up for the Healthimom Bootcamp for only $10!!

Enter the coupon code HEALTHY2020 at checkout.

Hurry, because this offer won’t last long. Soon, you will get to see how the Healthimom Kickstart Bootcamp will save you time, help save your sanity and even teach you how to earn some extra income from home!

Hope to “see” you in the Bootcamp!

~  🌿 Leica Merriam
Healthimom Coaching

PS — As an added bonus, you can receive a digital copy of my Healthimom’s Cookbook, which contains 45 tried-and-true recipes that taste delicious and save you time.  During this promotion, you can grab it for only $4.95! It is normally sold at $14.95.  (A savings of $10! YES!)



What People are Saying


“Leica Merriam with Healthimom Coaching has created a Bootcamp for Moms.  It is an easy-to-use, step-by-step set of instructions on how to gracefully flow through life. Leica Merriam has pulled in all the important parts of motherhood, working from home, and self-care … and transformed them into a “how-to manual.”  We can all learn how to do something better, and her ideas are easy to implement.

“Let’s take doing the laundry as an example.  Before I joined the Bootcamp, I could never get my laundry done.  I thought that I didn’t have time to do it, as I was pulled in so many directions.  Dirty clothes were all over the floors of my children’s bedrooms, and I never felt like my house was clean!  Enter Day #3 of the Bootcamp, and Leica introduced me to her laundry system. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off, and I began to implement what I was learning.  Now I get my laundry done each week! My life has changed for the better, and I have a greater sense of peace in my home.” 

     ~ Amie E., Cache Valley, Utah

“During this Bootcamp, my life felt much more in control. I have always struggled knowing where to spend my time: is it best if I spend my time making sure my kids’ rooms are spotless and that there aren’t any dirty clothes in the house? Or is it better to make gourmet meals every day? When is there time for me? When is time for my husband? When is time for each of my children individually? This Bootcamp has helped me to see how I can utilize my time and really have that ‘extra hour’ each day!

“Thank you, Leica, for your help and for letting me be a part of this Bootcamp! I really appreciate you and the effort you put into everything!”

     ~Ciera S., Nibley, Utah



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